An equation generator with Adobe Animate CC using html5-canvas UpDate

A problem generator is a button which generates a random problem, in this case, a simple algebraic equation for beginning algebra of the form Ax + B = C where A, B, and C are integers and the solution is also an integer. It displays steps for the user to solve the equation.

Note: If you are trying to learn the ‘new’ technology, Animate CC, to create eLearning materials, this article may be of some interest. I’m working to develop exercises that would give learners a chance to practice solving simple equations. Using mostly Javascript, I wrote a ‘listener or handler’ for the ‘problem’ button which I call a ‘generator’, because the listener contains instructions to compose an equation with random integer coefficients for a predefined integer solution. Click the problem button more than once to see this. The ‘step’ buttons that follow show the user how to solve the problem.

This small project is not finished. It has many ‘bugs’ that I still have to iron out, including the multiple-choice buttons that don’t have yet listeners.If you’re interested in developing this kind of projects, please drop a comment below.

I’m embedding the project here with an <iframe> tag. Click the ‘problem’ button, follow the guide, then, when you’re done, click the ‘problem’ button again.

(The Google fonts I wanted to include here are defaulting to the user’s desktop font. I think I know the problem so I’ll work on it soon.)

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Worksheet Generator

Here we have a worksheet generator. Again it operates with one button that generates 10 problems with answers at the bottom. Each click of the button generates a unique worksheet.

The user can print a worksheet which is unique, cut out the answers and use it as a test or self-test.

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